Keysi Programs


Keysi by Justo Diéguez is the method of Personal Growth with a single purpose, personal growth through the development of instinct. Its concepts and principles are universal laws that are not limited by any system or style. The Body Mechanics and the expression of movement develops the body, mind and emotional state as a whole. Giving the practitioner necessary attributes that shape and determine a way of life. 

The Keysi Kids Program is structured with a single purpose, the growth of a child in the enviroment that best dominates in the Game, these are based on natural body mechanics, which allows an easy develop in their physical and mental abilities while learning to value and respect themselfs and those around them. 

Internationally regulated program aimed at professional police, military and private security self defence. This program is now part of training in various international bodies of state and security. It focuses on the defence body to body, tactical defence and protection.

Spacialized program for the training of actors, directors and stunts in the area of management and interpretation of choreography and stunts infront of the camera based on the Method of Keysi by Justo Diéguez.

New fitness program for all ages regardless of physical abilities. Learn how to keep your body healthy through aerobics and a healthy diet.  COMING SOON