Keysi Philosophy

Keysi is not the art of arts, nor is a combination of techniques from different styles but a way, a philosophy of life based on personal growth, with martial arts as an element of transport which follows a philosophy based on knowledge, research and experimentation.


It is a way to understand, develop, express and transmit knowledge.

Keysi is not a copy of this or that, nor is it a theoretical explanation of many different martial arts, on the contrary, it is a perfectly planned and defined concepts and principles, the result of a rigorous and long introspective work.




Humans are the dominant species because of its ability to adapt and evolve. We must continue to evolve and grow, this process is the consequence of our instinct as a species. The concept in the Keysi method is to have constant and active skills in the field of learning, this is a place without limits, a place where your emotional state through your mind can express your creativity in physical form.




Personal growth is based on the belief, which is not a goal, is a purpose that leads us to the highest level of personal fulfilment as a human being.

The human being and our methodology is based on personal growth and Keysi method has the key that can open the door for your way and help you find yourself, the internal knowledge is the main source of wisdom.

In recent years our life has undergone an incredible transformation, following a path that leads to results which could only be described as inexplicable, we are convinced that there is another ground for experiment, a plot that defies the laws of science and logic to which we are used to, is an internal space that frees us of standards, technical barriers and limitations, and these are the things we want to discover.

This is not a fantasy world where it can only be reached with imagination.