Keysi Ethics


Purpose - Respect - Patience - Persistence - Perspective


Purpose - is that to which we aspire, is not a goal!

Respect - is the satisfaction that you produce from your own achievements and of others. 

Patience - When we have a clear purpose and keep the ego in check.

Persistence - although patience is needed it will not be enough without the help of persistance.  

Perspective - is the ability to establish what is really important in a given situation.


The PURPOSE - RESPECT - PATIENCE - PERSISTENCE, is like a wheel whose axis is the PERSPECTIVE, the central point from which you can observe the other principles.


The Result


As a result of these values, the revolutionary method of self defense Keysi by Justo Dieguez is way of understanding the reality of the street where the assailant, Predator, becomes the victim and the victim becomes the Predetor, Far and Radical, the Revolutionary result of this method is a structure designed to improve the quality of life, which gives the practitioner an Extreme Physical , Mental and Emotional Training.